Tournament No Lati Tour - Won by Darksafadao


best of the second options
won ggs, overall i liked building without lati, however terrakion becomes more annoying because lati is a really splashable check to it. In the end the liberty i got from having no latis around canceled out by not having it around for my own builds as it made other mons more annoying to be faced. Fun tour and fun tour concept
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Congratulations to Darksafadao for winning the tour and to Smallsmallrose for being runner-up! Thanks to everyone else that signed up as well, I hope everyone had fun participating in a meta w/o Lati!

Contrary to what I said before, I won't be tagging every participant, but if you want to leave your thoughts on your experience I highly encourage you to do so. Replays and/or just teams that you used would also be fun to look at if you don't feel like writing a lot - a little theorymoning never hurt anyone :psywoke:
I found building with no Lati to be a weight off the shoulders myself. Steels not being mandatory (and having to run less special bulk if you did run a steel still) opened up new avenues in teambuilding. A lot of pokemon that usually feel matchup fish-y also gain effectiveness across most matchups, namely various fires and grasses. I didn't feel like I missed Lati on my own teams, however. Infernape is still very managable, as are other pokemon that it's absence buffs like Terrakion and Celebi. Sure, they're more effective with Lati gone, but not overwhelming. Most defensive teams worth their salt rarely ran Lati as the main check to those anyways, since Pursuit would create trouble. Speaking of which, not feeling like pursuit needs to be a thing was also a teambuilding boon. Sure, I did use it a little for stuff like Gengar and Celebi, but I didn't feel naked if I wasn't running it on my team.

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